Word Test Drive - How to trash??

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I've got two new iMac G5's - one at the office and one at home. Immediately after taking them out of the box, I installed Office for Mac and Sibelius on both, and both are registered. But every time I try to open a Word doc, it opens in that stupid ****ing "Word test drive" automatically, and then I have to go through a bunch of lame dialog boxes explaining that I don't want to buy it, and end up having to tell it "Remind me later" over and over and over....

How can I just toss these damn things off of the machines?


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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    Is the test drive installed in a separate folder from the full version? If so, just drag the whole folder to the trash.

    If you have trouble disentagling the two, you can just tell OSX to use the real one to open doc files. Select a doc file, Get Info, select the correct version of Word to "open file with", and apply to "all files of this type".
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    fahlmanfahlman Posts: 700member
    Solution at Microsoft's website.
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    Thanks, guys! Onward and upward...
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