Quick Tiger Keychain Question

in macOS edited January 2014
Well I was going through MacWorld's how-to guide to hopefully make my computer a little more snoopproof and I was wondering if this might be a problem. It was talking about Keychain preferences and changing the settings for keychains so that it will lock during sleeping or if it will lock after a certain time of inactivity.

I was able to do that... but it suggested that keychain might be my name - instead it is "login" - I am the only user on my computer and I archived and installed, if that may help in your responses. Also, I have a few other keychains on there... one for FileVault, one for System, and one called "___Anchors" - not sure if that is a security risk to post what the name of the keychain is but I can PM you if you need it - but if you also have something like that, then I suppose it's normal. It seems to hold different kinds of Certificates.


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