Coolest Keynote Feature Ever!

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Maybe I'm just stupid. I never knew you could do this before today and now I'm thrilled beyond belief.

Background: Selling Powerbook for iMac 20". Need more screen space; I'm a writer, iMac suits what I do better than the Powerbook right now. BTW, anyone know whether you can use a retail box of Tiger on a Rev B iMac?

A major concern I had about switching to the iMac is the very, very few times I require portability - presentations. I use Keynote exclusively and the computers my university provides are usually PCs or iBooks without Keynote, so I've brought the Powerbook when needed.

Thought to myself the other day: I wonder if I can make an interactive slideslow somehow with the export feature of Keynote so I won't need to bring my own system... and today I found out I can!! Unreal!

Click Export - Quicktime Move and make an interactive slideshow. I was concerned at first because my QT movie was 3 seconds long, but it really is an interactive slideshow that you can click forward and back in! It's fantastic! It's not Keynote with presenter tools, but it will work for my purposes. I'm really excited about this now!

Anyone use this feature regularly? I'm just so happy that I can use Keynote with my iMac and not worry about what system I throw my slideshow on. Just need my Cruzer mini and I'm all set to go!


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    yep, i've actually used the "export to quicktime" to make self-running demo movies for trade shows a lot. they just play on the plasma screen at the booth, and it's set to loop indefinitely. i have toyed with doing this for clients (internal and external) for presentations, but it all comes back to minor edits = major pains in ass. in other words, when the presenter decides that one phrase could be changed ever-so-slightly as they are boarding the plane, guess who has to make the edit and re-export? at least when the presentation is a boring powerpoint, the person in the field can at least make those minor edits without trying to enact some transcontinental ftp transfer. the flip-side is that don't stop there, though, and usually "stretch my graphics so they "fill up the space better" and then they wonder why they look like a bunch of goobs at their sales pitch.

    not that i'm bitter.
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