Burning Multiple playlists on one dvd?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Good shiny morning fellow computer types.. or just folks that happen to be surfing..

anyway My friend is having his birthday at my super cool office. I have allowed him the honor of being in control of the music all night. he has stepped up to the plate with with an incredible collection of swinging tunes, bouncing beats and mellow vibes. My question is HOW do you burn multiple playlists using iTunes on a DVD (yes thats how many song he has complied)? he doesn't have toast so thats not an option.. thoughts? Also the order of songs is important so we need to maintain that.

cheers and happy sailing,



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    any of you guys have a powerbook you could just plug in?
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    I do, however that would require a trip to his house and then back here and I just don't have the time..


    Burnt he seperate play lists as Data CDs from itunes.

    I'm not sure why I didn't think of that before.. anyway we will be enjoying Great music, Fine conversation and far to many beers. have a great weekend.

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