Automator Problem

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have been getting a password error when running an "Encrypt PDF" action that I've been trying to get to work since I have installed (Archived and Installed) Tiger. Whenever I put a password in the first field (see picture), I click on the next field to verify the password and I always get an error that says the passwords don't match, when they do... no matter if I hit tab or not to go to the next field, or click with the mouse. Then, when I try and save the action as an Application so that I can drag PDF's to the mini app, the menu bar status hangs and it will say it's encrypting when it is not... I can just double click on the PDFs and they open up for anyone.

I am assuming there's a problem with the Automator I have... is there a way to reinstall it? How do I go about doing it.


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    ishawnishawn Posts: 364member repairing permissions lets me "validate the passwords" but encrypting one PDF documents still takes forever (It's been about two minutes)... is there something I'm forgetting? Do I need to have a Save As automator action? Does that even exist?
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