Major bug in ATI X850XT drivers

in macOS edited January 2014
I recently brought a dual 2.0 GHz G5 with the ATI X850XT video card driving Apple's 20" LCD. Tiger 10.4.2 with 2.5 GB of ram.

I'm now experiencing some serious video issues which clearly point to the video card drivers, part of the OS. Here are some screen captures of the bug in action, triggered by Celestia (a nice 3D OpenGL astronomy software, which can be found for free at this web site : I never had this problem on my dual G4 with ATI 9800pro and Panther 10.3.9.

Also, some other 3D apps literally crash the whole OS with an hard freeze ! This is also related to the video card drivers.

Here are some screen captures I made of the bug in action. All pictures have been reduced by about 70%. The first picture is Celestia normally behaving, just moments before the bug happened (click on the link for a picture) :

The second picture is what I got after resizing Celestia's window to a smaller size :

The third picture shows Celestia after I expanded Celestia's window :

The last two pictures are what I get AFTER CELESTIA HAVE BEEN CLOSED. ALL THE INTERFACE IS NOW GARBBLED AND I NEED TO RESTART THE COMPUTER. Notice the Dock "shape" at the bottom of the fourth picture, and the dropped menus in the last picture :

Anyone having something similar, with the ATI X850XT video card ?


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