Got an old iMac, restore cd questions...

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I got an old iMac 133 sitting here with OS 8.6 and I wanted to know what my restore options would be as I don't have ANY CD or support laying around.. Can I get restore CDs off ebay? If so what'll work? Can I put OSX in it or what are my best options here?


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    If it's an iMac, it must have a 233MHtz or faster processor. (that's what the first iMac shipped with)

    OSX will work ... just don't plan on using iMovie

    iTunes will work, but not with an iPod, as there's no FW or USB2.

    I would recomend putting OSX on it rather than 8 or 9. But you will NEED to have more ram than it shipped with ... 256 total would be a BARE MINIMUM ... I'd put in 2x256.

    As for origional restore CD's, eBay is probably your best bet.
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    Installing OSX on older iMacs requires updating their firmware first. That can only be done while the iMac is booted in OS9. So regardless of what you want to do with it, you have to get it restored to OS9 first. It will run OSX just great, and I highly recommend doing that - but up the RAM for an even better experience.

    Edit: Er, right. When I say OS9, I mean anything under 10. 8.6 is fine.
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    8 will work for the firmware update
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