disappearin iTunes releases

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Today i planned to buy the latest Interpol, the fantastic 'Antics'. But I couln't, well, cause its gone. This happens often to me lately, things i see in Itunes and when i finally have some money, woops.... gone. I just wonder why???

Out of stock, eh???

I mean whats the idea behind this? They wanna sell or not? Is it Apple, or the big record studios? I am clueless.

I buy at the Dutch store but maybe its the same in others stores. Anyone?


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    jiggzjiggz Posts: 31member
    sorry, i can't help. However, i just wanted to complement your music choice... that album is AWESOME!!! itunes or not, make sure you get it.
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    sometimes iTunes is particular about spelling so make sure you get it exactly right. Now, I'm sure you've already checked your spelling, so, another suggestion is to try to get a link to the album instead of searching for it. On occasion, I find that albums that have recently come out have a link to them in the music store but are not searchable yet.

    Thats as much as i can help, except one more thing, if you still can't find out, you could always submit a feedback slip so if there is a bug, Apple can fix it.
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    This Album???
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