An utility to bypass intros on DVD ?

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I'm looking for an utility which bypass all "WARNING" intros on DVD movies. I know there's such I thing, but I can't remember its name.

You know, after launching some movie on DVD, there's a boring red "WARNING" about copyright and international laws before you can access the options panel. I want to get rid of it. Do you have an idea how to ?


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    rhoqrhoq Posts: 190member
    Those warnings will never go away as they are there to remind you that making illegal copies is wrong. However, the DVD back-up utility 'MacTheRipper' has options which allow you to make those warnings "skippable", prior to extracting the disc with MTR.

    If this information violates any forum rules, I apologize in advance.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Kali, you've got some 'splaining to do. What you're asking is kind of shady at this point. Is there a legit, legal reason you wish to do this (like: the color of red and mixture of text throws you into massive convulsions if your eyes catch any glimpse of it)?
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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    I once got an utility which was doing what I'm looking for, in Jaguar, but I can't remember its name.

    This is for my personal uses, at home. When I insert some DVD, I hate having to wait for that boring warning to go away. The utility I'm looking for is NOT illegal, it's for personal uses only.
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    At least on my PS2 I just hit next until I get to the menu screen - skips past all that shite.
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