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Yes, the vPod has been talked to death, but with new ultra-mobile chips coming from Intel and implications from Steve Jobs, I feel something is coming next year. The "scrubbing" fun of...


....only makes it a few more steps to the new art-form of animatrics and music vids.

Yeah, people can't jog and watch segments of the Simpsons, but I think it is worth it to Apple to add a few of these, expecially iPod commercials!!, to each iPod that it sells and see what the reaction is. If good, come out with a bigger screen next time. Not too much of a downside on this.

Plus, my own informal observations, seem to hold only about 60% of people with iPods are actually running or doing something that requires constant visual concentration. Many are just waiting for buses or hanging out.

Sorry if I missed any other active iPod threads.


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    I think Apple will do it; I just can't see it catching on. Then again, I can't see buying PSP movies, either, but people buy them.

    If I buy an iPod, it will be strictly for music. Not photos. Not movies. Not music videos.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    There is a market for the updated newton. A device well ahead of its time.

    Put ipod functionality into it and a GPS with street level maps synch address books and ical. Then throw video onto it. Subscribe to your favorite TV shows in ITMS. And, slap on some Wifi. Yes this is the swiss army knife approach but I think that there would be a decent market for such a little bugger.

    GPS in your car or on unfamiliar streets walking.

    Ipod in your car or with you anyway.

    Wifi for updates and communication. Even so far as voip for your calls.

    And as long as I am dreaming. put a couple of solar panels on the backside. under a rigid cover. This way if you are far away from a power source you can trickle charge the device. But, perhaps this might be too heavy.
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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,401member
    I could see a video iPod taking off if you could use the video iPod to watch a movie on your tv with it.

    This would make it easier for people to watch movies than going out to rent a video or wait in the mail for the movie. With a video iPod, you simply go the the iVideo store, pick a movie, download it on your video iPod, then when its loaded, you simply connect the video iPod to your S video inputs on your television and watch the movie.

    - Mark
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    Especially when you see these message popping up in itunes from time to time:' Some of the songs in the iTunes music library, including the song "Video - Ooh La La", were not copied to the ipod "Paul Erskine's Ipod" because they cannot be played on this iPod.', you know its coming soon.... apologiesnot sure how to add an image, It's the first time I've seen that message appear today....
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