Battles of Norghan for Mac?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

We are trying to decide whether we should make a Mac version of the currently Windows only released game, Battles of Norghan. The Mac community is fairly unknown to us so we are kindly asking for your opinion.

We are soon releasing the 1.01 patch for the game after which we will start working on the upgraded Gold version of the game. After that we need to decide whether it would be worth it to create a Mac version of Battles of Norghan and we would like your opinions and insight in whether this type of a game would be of interest to you or not.

You can find more about Battles of Norghan at or if you can, download the Windows Demo version of it also.

While this post won't of course solely decide whether we will make a Mac version of Battles of Norghan, it will help us determine if a game like this fits for the audience.

Thank you,

Tero Miettunen

Mitorah Games - Studio Head
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