Why not more Open Source @ Apple?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Here's a thought after attending the open source seminar at MacWorld.

Perhaps Apple should consider opening a few of their Cocoa-based apps as open source to speed development. The first App that comes to mind is Mail. I am loathe to go back to Entourage, but Mail is lacking some key features like a Junk Mail filter. This would not hurt Apple at all, since there are many Mail apps out there, and could make Mail into a much more robust app. Why not start a project to create an Entourage-like application, with built in PIM, more extensive mail handling, and most importantly being networkable. Outlook apparently is not going to be ported to OSX, and the Mac needs some sort of shared calendaring/email system.

That is my intial thought, what other ways do you guys and gals think Apple could benefit from the Open Source model?
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