My comics-parody chosen as IFILM Clip of the Day!

in AppleOutsider edited January 2014
A South Parkesque short I wrote, animated, and voice-acted earlier this year just got chosen as an iFilm Clip of the Day today! It premiered on iFilm on Thursday, and now it's featured on iFilm's front page and in an email sent out to about 27,000 subscribers.

All's Fair in Love and Police Actions,00.html

"You can't spell Demonstrator without Demon and Traitor!"

What if an icon like Marvel's Captain America was to the U.S. government what Mickey Mouse has been to Disney? Here's what a taxpayer-funded Steamboat Willy might've looked like during the Vietnam War in 1971.

A couple superhero injokes, for those who keep up with comics these days, but overall I made the humor pretty broad and, err, offensive.

It was letterboxed and iFilm cut off the sides (cursed pan and scan) to make it fullscreen, but I'm more happy than not that it was chosen. It even got a mention in Boing Boing:

Enjoy or ignore. Tell a friend either way.



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