iTunes missing feature - CD TEXT?

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I recently got a new deck for my car, and it displays CD text. A feature I was long unaware of. I've really come to appreciate albums that come with CDText, because I usually don't have the case with me in the car, and I never know the names of songs. The CDtext is handy, and a feature I'm surprised all new CD's don't come with, since it's not like it would cost anymore to manufacture.

Then one day, I decided to burn a mix CD for myself. Some of the songs I had purchased from iTMS. Much to my surprise, when I put the disc I created in my car, it didn't have CDtext. I'm rather dissappointed with Apple for this. All the information for the CDtext is already there in iTunes, why not just go ahead and add support for burning CD's with it?

Roxio Toast has this nice feature, but of course it can't burn/convert the protected iTunes songs...

So has anyone else been bothered by this/found a way around it/discovered some preference in iTunes to turn this on I somehow missed? Hopefully in future versions of iTunes this will be supported.


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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    yeah, this pisses me off to know end. why on earth would iTunes not support CD-TEXT. It's sooo important, especially in the car. Ack! Toast for me, I guess.
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    Wow... CDs... I remember those things. Man, you're so retro!

    No, I agree, and I've run into this one, too. It seems the only way to get track names is if you have an MP3/CD player.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    This is a baffling and serious error that should have been corrected in iTunes 1.0.1. Why it is still a problem is quite the mystery to me. I mean CDs aren't dead yet. That'll be another decade.
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