I want Hula .....and NOW!

in Mac Software edited January 2014

Hula is an open source Groupware program that contain 200k lines of code from Novell's Netmail. It looks to have promise with a bit of raw performance as well. Apple desperately needs to get a clear Groupware strategy together and this might be a way to tie things together. The rumors do have Apple potentially looking at this code.

I think if Apple could tie in mail.app, iCal, Adressbook, and create a nice Applefied version of Hula we'd be in business.


Some good words written here.

Update: 5/11/2007

Well it's clear that Apple has not gone with Hula. It is encouraging that they are using an open source project and will be working hard towards interoperability with other mail/calendar clients. I'm looking forward to seeing the Calendar features of Leopard and seeing how extensible the Calendar Server really is.

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