I want more tabs

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have to say, i have become hooked on tabs. I just browse the web and open almost all links in new tabs behind the one i am using. It is a great. Now, in light of reading another post about a tabbed finder, i think more programs should have tabs.

I have become so accustomed to tabs that the other day i was flipping channels and i though to myself, "thats looks interesting, i should open it in a new tab" Of course, i was watching TV so that isn't going to happen.

Anyway, i created a small tabbed wishlist for myslef. I am wondering about general programs and specific ones.

1) Finder (as discussed in other thread)

2)Microsoft Word

3)Web Design (mostly Dreamweaver--I think NVU has this)

4) Audacity

what would like to see with tabs?


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