highlighting songs in iTunes with the mouse? how to?

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hey all,

my friend has leant me his old 2-button mouse since he's bought a Mighty Mouse.

i use iTunes a lot and having the right click is great for adding things to the Party Shuffle. But if i want to add a whole album to the list, how can i highlight it using just the mouse (ie. without holding down Shift)? And then i right-click and go to 'Play Next in Party Shuffle'.

im sure there's a way. Right?

thanks all


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    Turn on Browse and just drag the album name to Party Shuffle
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    yeah that's fine if i just want to add it to the Party Shuffle, but if i want it to be the NEXT to play, how do i do that without the keyboard?
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    Click on one of the songs -> Click 'Edit' -> 'Select All' -> Right-click 'Play next in Party Shuffle"

    If you don't want all of the songs in the album, I think you'll have to use the keyboard.
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    well i guess that'll have to do.

    Thanks, you both kind of gave me what i was after
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