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I want to backup a lot of data (20G) over a network. What software is easy to use (no coding or scripting) and allows one click or automatic backup. I want to click once and have it automatically check any specified folders for any files that have changed since the last backup and backup that information.

I've tried Deja Vu and it is no longer working.


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    I use rsync. It's a command line tool, but you can use the RsyncX package's GUI tool to produce a script which can then go in your /Library/Scripts folder, and always be accessible from the Scripts menu.

    10.3's native version of rsync mangles resources (hence RsyncX, which added resource support).

    10.4's native rsync handles resources, but the RsyncX front end will make it a little easier. (IIRC, you'll have to hand-edit the flag for resource-awareness, but that's it.)

    rsync is a complex, convoluted tool that can do just about anything, so I recommend using the GUI front-end first.
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