The Next iMac Rev -- Dissapointing?

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I'm worried about the next iMac rev because I don't see many possible upgrades.

Processor: Maybe a bump to 2.3 Ghz, or 2.5 if we're lucky

RAM: will remain at 512mb

HD: will likely remain at 250 - 400 gig upgrade price may fall to < today's $200

Graphics Card: Maybe an incremental upgrade that likely won't be large (the 9600 is the same as current PowerMacs)

Optical Drive: Maybe 16X DL (if they make slot-loaders at 16x)

Bluetooth/Airport: already included

The problem seems to be that the iMac's last upgrade was significant at every level - bumped processor, RAM, HD, big graphic updtae, DL burners, and thrown in bluetooth and airport.

Rev C's don't look like they have much room to grow.



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    I dont think they will be upgraded for 12 months at least.. and then we are in Intel land...

    The heat given from 2ghz G5s is sometimes too much for the imac form factor so 2.3-2.5 is not going to happen!?

    I think We'll see an update sometime around mid 2006 using somekind of Pentium-M.. It will be a faster cooler machine..
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    If the update happened in the fall (it might not), I think it would just follow whatever direction the PowerMac takes, albeit on a more modest scale.

    My guess would be 2 and 2.3 GHz G5s with 1 MB L2 (but single-core), PCI Express video (a 128 MB X600 would make sense), and possibly a slight hard drive capacity boost.
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    anybody think powermacs will go dual dual-core, and imacs dual-core
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    I think the next iMac will be an Intel version.
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