Word + Mighty Mouse + scrolling

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Enjoying the new mouse and the scroll ball works a treat with native Mac apps.

However, scrolling through Word 2004 docs, with Endnote 8 in the background, is incredibly frustrating with intermittent, jerky responses - barely worth using it.

Vaguely remember a similar issue with Word and Griffin Powermate, but it seemed to sort itself out.

Any thoughts/fixes? All updates up to date, running 10.4.2 on a disappointingly noisy G5 iMac....


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    Get rid of Word? :/

    Really, I keep hearing people praise that piece of crap...

    People that *absolutely* need things handed to them in .doc format can go to hell if you ask me.
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    I know, it's the obvious solution, but am also stuck with EndNote (and the usual compatibility issues...)
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