Student Union buy Laptop get iPod mini??

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Ok so I'm 99% sure I'm going to sell my iBook and get a PowerBook. So I just was on the education site and bam right in front of me then it hits me: There is no iPod mini anymore....this offer is good until the 24th of this month too. So are they going to give you a free iPod nano because if so I'm doing it now....


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    If you read the terms and conditions on the mail in rebate it is only good for the iPod, iPod Mini, and iPod Photo, and specifically excludes the I guess that would be a no on the Nano but you never know i mean apple has been going crazy with their deals lately I mean the Mac Mini was a one day thing tha was messed up so maybe they forgot about the mini deal and everyone will be getting free nanos. Sucks for me I just get a 20" iMac and a green mini last friday.
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    Technically though the iPod mini was replaced by the iPod nano. And IF I buy an iPod or Photo them I'm not getting a Free iPod as they are advertising (only a $179 discount)...
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    i checked the Student Union Page and this was updated:


    It's simple. Visit your campus computer store, the Apple Store online or an Apple Store near you. Choose an iBook, PowerBook, iMac or Power Mac, then select your favorite 4GB iPod mini. Or you can apply your $179 savings toward the purchase of a qualifying higher priced iPod.* But act now. This offer is good only through September 24, 2005.


    * Terms and condition apply. The iPod shuffle and iPod nano are excluded from this offer. Download the rebate coupon for full terms and conditions.

    but if any like myself knows there way around ebay sell the Mini for alittle less and just use that money toward a Nano, so you get your $179 and your iPod Nano
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