getting black screen while installing OSX

in macOS edited January 2014
i'm installing OSX Tiger on my B&W G3. I'm using the CD version (4CDs) and part way through the installation of CD1 it prompts me to restrat the system. when i do i get the normal grey boot screen w/ the apple logo in the middle but then a black box, about half the area of the screen, drops down over the apple icon then goes no further. i've tried booting w/ and w/o the CD, even w/ disk 2 and evey time i get the same thing. i cant, or just dont know how, to get back to OS 8.6 to restart the whole instalation. please help me. i'm still a novice mac user and i'm totally stumped.

UPDATE: it seems i have helped myself. this mac stuff isnt so hard after all. so here's what happened. i booted using comand-V to see all kernal startup messages. well it ended w/ "panic: we are hanging here". i think that was represented by that black screen of death that i saw earlier. after googleing that phrase, and being very scared by the results, i found that faulty hardware could be to blame. turns out it was the IDE HDD i installed a few days ago under OS8. might have something to do w/ my Rev. 1 logic bored (does it?) shoulda known, after throwin in that drive it started takin about 10 - 15 min for OS8 to boot. so i pulled the plug on that drive and OSX booted and prompted for disk 2. back in buisness. o yeah, before that i also reset the PRAM, not sure if that played a part.

I've left this post up for two reasons. 1) just in case anyone else has this same problem, it would be nice to think that i helped someone. and 2) to ask if anyone knows how i can safely use this HDD. anyone? hello...?
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