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Hey everyone...

I am a long time PC user and finally the time has come for me to replace my 5 year old Dell Desktop which sounds like a 747 at start up and has black streaks all over the monitor from a failing graphics card. It has served me well... and I have been wanting to switch to a laptop (specifically a power book)for some time now.

My issue is this: Is now a good time to buy a power book? I know that the new chipset will not be unveiled until 2006. I also have heard about the potential minor upgrades to the line at the end of this month.

Given all of this, should I go ahead and order my new powerbook now, or am I better off to get another PC in the meantime and consider an apple some time down the road?

Any help or assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!

*Robbie G*


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    Welcome to AI again

    Really hard to say at this point. The Powerbooks have met a brick wall and only the intel chips will bring it down.

    If you buy a PPC powerbook whatever update they will have will not make a qualitative difference, only a quantitative: You will not be able to do new stuff with a future model, only marginally faster.

    So waiting for an update only makes sense if it is convenient. Normally the rule is: Do you need the computer now. But instead I will say: Do you want it now? If yes then go ahead. It would be stupid to wait. If you try to avoid buying it the day before a newer arrive you could wait a month (Powerbook update seems to be imminent). but if it isn´t updated in that time frame then it is even more likely to be released the month after and then you are stuck in the frustrating "wait for marginally better stuff" game instead of using a kick ass PB from day one.

    If you are eligible for student rebate do wait until the final day of the mac+iPod promo.
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    I'm waiting for the intel powerbooks. I was leaning to x86 Linux anyway. The endian issue between PPC and intel are too annoying for me to stay with a PPC based computer. And then the clouds parted and Jobs thus delivered unto me the intel CPU with Mac OS X on top.

    If you want to bide your time with an iBook. For me it's hard to spend money on a PPC notebook with intel around the corner. But that corner may be far off.
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