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Hey just a quick question (as cannot find an answer anywhere!). How do I get iTunes to automatically update my playlist with whats in my music folder?

ie- if I drop a few new tracks into my music folder, it would be great if iTunes automatically added them to my library, rather then using the finder to find them amongst the thousands of other tracks and manually drag them into the program.



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    rara Posts: 623member
    Instead of dragging them into your music folder, drag them into iTunes, and iTunes will put them in your music folder for you.
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    quambquamb Posts: 143member
    yeh i guess thats a solution.

    it would still be ace if i knew itunes was displaying all the tracks that are in my music folder- without any dragging or adding to library.

    perhaps this will be an option in future releases.
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    Ra is right. However there is a way to do waht you want to an extent.

    Click File -> add to library then point it to your itunes folder and your done. It will update automatically.

    Not a onestep thing but i'm sure you can script it using applescript. Perhaps someone here knows how to do just that.
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    rara Posts: 623member
    Try this:

    Advanced > Consolidate Library...

    That should do what you want.
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