OSX's inability to remember preferences

in Mac Software edited January 2014
You might have noticed it, especially on a portable. Mouse speed, appearance theme, desktop picture, Internet system setting, not to mention Finder preferences keep reverting back to the original without warning. Worst of all is the case of vanishing application settings, take Stickies for example. Had my whole calendar safely tucked on a Stickie, or so I thought, until it too did reset. This because Palm Desktop Beta also did forget the information so carefully entered... I guess my last resort is keeping this kind of info in a TextEdit document which feels a bit stoneage.

The list is long, and this is no isolated malfunction. I've seen this on three of my personal Macs. It's got something to do with logging in and out.

I wish Apple resolves this in 10.1.3 but somehow I'm not too hopeful. I guess this flaw runs deep into the OS itself.

I just hope this kind of crap happens to SJ himself occasionally, giving Avie and Schiller a proper telling off...


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