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hi! does anyone know about any software for network monitoring and managment???? i would like to see things like how many bandwith is being consumed from a particular user and stuff like that...



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    you can find your own bandwidth but if my networking knowledge is right, you have to be the router if you even wanted to be able to get that. Check to see if your router has that option.

    Otherwise, you may be able to do it with a packte sniffer. Check versiontracker for packet sniffers.
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    it depends how detailed info you need.

    Here are couple of apps:

    Dejal Simon <- super easy to use, some things work better than others, but worth playing with.

    CyberGauge <- Great app, it will give you all the statistics PER INTERFACE you need, plus more.

    netOctopus <- may be too much for your needs, but check it out.

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    thanks a lott...

    i'll try netoctopuss...i need as many of details as i'll give it a tryy...and also to the other ones!
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