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Ciao all,

I've been given a new project (finally) about setting up all the stuff we have done in our business unit to the outside world. We have dozens of projects with more and more coming.

Given that I KNOW that coordination is laking here and as usual people will never read stuff until its already been posted and therefore have to go back to square 1 to modify, add, etc, well, I wanted to try out a Wiki server so if one of our guys decides to add a little text, info, graphic, or even a new project, we wont have to all either wait around for me to approve it or for any webmaster to have some time, etc etc.

There a billion WiKi servers out there and wanted to know if you have any preferences.

We just want to be able to edit it internally, not for visitors to modify anything. Simple text, some graphics, mayeb a few PDFs for people to download, etc. Basic graphics/layout.

Any idea?


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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    not a wiki-sever but deserves honorable mention as wiki-software anyway:
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    Sounds like you want a Content Management System (CMS) rather than a wiki. Problem is, there's like a million different wikis and about a trillion CMSs, from things that cost millions of dollars to things written in about 12 lines of perl.

    Maybe have a look at Plone first or whatever Mambo is calling itself these days, or one of the simple ones that aren't much more than blog whose names I can't remember.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    Hmm, yeah, my bad, By Wiki I meant a site where the team could edit and publish... like "WikiPedia"...

    I found and I'll see what the engineers and devs have to say aboot it.

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