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Any idea as to how Nano sales are going?


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    No Apple store here in Western Canada . The two Mac dealers I spoke to on Friday says they don;t expect to see the Nano for a couple of weeks. I ordered online which I think is what Apple game is vis a vis the resellers. Immediate supply for their stores and for online shipping and when it tails off let third party retailers in on the (seeming) bonanza.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Apple makes more money if they sell it directly than if an authorized reseller gets to take a cut of the price.
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    I work for an electrical store in the UK, and we got stocks of the 2GB Nano on Saturday in white only. Generated a fair bit of interest, and people were genuinely amazed and smitten. Sales were not amazing, but that is probably because true Apple fans would not expect us to have them. They were selling very solidly however.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    The local retailer near me received 30 and all are already gone. Sales first day were apparently slow, 2 to one lady, but then they just started to pick up and sell faster than their left over mini stock.

    As an aside black sold better than white and these were specially couriered in on a Saturday. It was also the fastest they have ever received a new Apple product into stock so Apple was serious about people being able to get their hands onto them immediately.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member

    Originally posted by CosmoNut

    Apple makes more money if they sell it directly than if an authorized reseller gets to take a cut of the price.

    True, but I wonder if that's part of the list of good reasons to not sell Apple products. It appears that Apple doesn't care about independent resellers, so they only get stock when most of the demand has already been satisfied, so the independents get starved out. I wonder if there are any fair trade laws against this sort of thing, I wish, but I haven't heard of any such action.
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    As usual, AppleInsider just repeats the same old crap being spouted by Shaw Wu of ATR, who prophesises doom and gloom for Apple - again - by saying that nano sales don't seem to be more than a fraction of what Apple was hoping.

    AI should point out that Shaw Wu has repeatedly shouted "wolf" about Apple all year, and has been demonstrably wrong on every single occasion he has categorically claimed to had identified a shortfall in sales of iPods, or Macs, or whatever.

    Shaw Wu is an arse. AI is a bigger arse for quoting him qithout qualifying its editorial by identifying him as the singlemost innacurate Apple analyst since Rob Enderle.
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