Video iPod confirmed

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yeah yeah yeah... I put "confirmed"

My boss went to the IBC in Amsterdam for a few days and talked to a ton of people as usual.

Anyway, of all the people that spilled the beans, Microsoft reps described the ViPod (Im just calling it that right) in minute detail to him. And he could absolutely care less about Apple or whatnot. He was probably talking WMV and DRM crap as usual.

He just passed by my office today and said that he would tell me later about it since he knows I'm a Mac fan. One thing led to another and I went home at 21h and didnt have time to talk to him...

Anyway, I'll get the details from him asap tomorrow and post'em here

Anyone else have any reports?


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    i thinks this is bs...everyone know what the device should have. i am not saying your boss is a liar...but as a mac fan, how much would you believe a MS guy. but still i'll give the benefit of doubt...and will be reading what your boss has to say about it, casue its the only lead we have right now on the vPod.
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    I hear a lot of analysts and tech experts suggest Apple wont release a video iPod whilst the normal iPod sales are still good.

    However, I think Apple needs to stay ahead of the game. Like Steve J said about the nano, everyone wants to be the iPod mini, so they've moved on before the others catch up.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Sorry, but there is absolutely no conformation in this thread yet. You just hurt your reputation in my eyes.

    Nonetheless, I would question the word of Microsoft when it comes to a competing product such as the iPod. What I know, I can't say, but your post is entertaining and I'll watch you pull a rabbit out of your hat. 8)
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    fngfng Posts: 222member
    I guess it will be "confirmed" in Paris. Then we'll know if ZO hurt his reputation or not.
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    Originally posted by Ebby

    What I know, I can't say, ... 8)

    Something about that statement strikes me as intensely interesting, but, what exactly, I can't say.


    Aries 1B
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    my reputation?

    I aint playing a rep game...

    Although I guess I shouldnt have put 'confirmed' and rather 'further confirmation'.

    I'll get the info asap and pass it on.

    If anything, the MS people will get less credibility
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    Zo has 10% of the reputation of spymac during the iWalk periode. He is a hack and we all hate him. We have pictures of him at a bar laughing with his PC buddies after having posted yet another lying post here.

    And he is from France. Nuff said.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    oh Anders... now you're in for it.

    I had these pics tucked away from when Leonis came to "visit" you, but now you're forcing me to make 'em public...
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    ok, so, got a hold of my boss and he told me the following:

    That he was told that the Video iPod is READY but its un sure if to launch for XMas shopping spree or Spring.

    There were no actual details of the vPod

    The discussion started because of DRM and the failure of WMV to become a standard (despite it being ready since years, like V1).

    There were week long sessions at MS about the "future" and half a day was dedicated to the upcoming video iPod and how to fight it before WMV becomes totally irrelevant (and it's DRM) in the video world

    The MS sessions said that the way it would work was similar to iTunes: slip in a DVD and it re-encodes it into H.264 for the vPod. No details on the quality if you wanna watch on TV, or if it will be limited to vPod screen.

    This was unsure because the amount of time it takes to encode in H.264 is long. To make a specially formatted vPod resolution would take a fraction of the time it would than a TV worth size.


    So, its kinda no news regarding the hardware of the vPod (sorry, jumped the gun), but, interesting and fun that MS is gonna try and fight this any way possible (Panic Mode already)

    There was discussion also regarding if the vPod would have an onboard H.264 chip which could re-encode extremely quickly, but the amount of heat generated would probably be prohibitive. Until now Texas Instruments made the only real H.264 chip that was ready, but there are a few more players since a few months that could fit the bill (my boss went to speak to a lot of them at IBC as well for unrealted matters).

    In a way, this would make sense since the user experience would be the same for all and wouldnt matter if you had a 5 year old computer or the latest 6-core-128bit-20GHz processor... but the heat issue remains for such a small enclosure.


    So, yeah , sorry about that. He told me he was told "everything" about it. Still, some newsworthy points.
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    Anyone has an idea of the file size if a 1.50 hours of dvd is encoded in H.264 for play back on a say PSP size screen? The PSP screen is 480x272 res. with 16.7 mill colors.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    on Bittorrent sites I see lots of PSP formatted movies that weigh in at about 300-450MB. Mostly 350MB.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Hmm. A friend of mine pointed out that a default QuickTime 7 Pro setting for encoding video is H.264 @ 240 x 180 with stereo AAC at 32kbps. He thought 'vodcasting'. I thought 'vidphones'.

    A vPod would fit just as well though.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    where'd he see that?

    I just downloaded a quicktime trailer to try and re-encode it to H.264 to see what 240x180 would look like, but there was no preset like that. I had to set it in manually.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member

    Originally posted by ZO

    yeah yeah yeah... I put "confirmed"


    Anyone else have any reports?

    I won't take it as confirmed until it is listed on Apple's site or confirmed by an Apple PR rep.

    I think one is coming, the question is when, and whether they'll lead the portable video player market. It might just be that Microsoft is taking due dilligence in trying to avoid losing another market, and making the same guesses everyone else is making.
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Somehow... it seems extremely unlikely that apple would disclose any information whatsoever to microsoft about a vidPod.

    Media format control is one of the few arenas in which Apple is directly competing with MS. Both parties realize that controlling industry "standards" is their key to success in a market driven by consumer compatability.

    MS is certainly devising battle and contigency plans in order to fight Apple's media juggernaut (iTunes/iPod/iTMS). Microsoft devised likely market scenarios are what I suspect your boss was talking about...
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    well check out my nano firmware, see the video icons?

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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    IBC makes good root beer.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    Can't wait to watch movies on my nano... 8)
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    m1cm1c Posts: 47member
    well until then I'll just have to use my PSP with the 1 gig card. And even after the vPOD comes out I would be hesitant because what is that going to cost $3-400. and with the PSP I can already play some of the best games, listen to itunes music, surf the internet, and watch widescreen movies the vPod will have a small screen with low quality picture... BTW 350mb is about right for 1 to 2 hour video depending on quality.
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