Alternatives to .Mac (especially Sync)

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My .Mac is set to expire in about 2 weeks.

While I used to love the Homepage, Mail, etc, I dont really use them anymore.

Gmail is my thang, and, I just dont have time to make a nice little homepage anymore. Im also just considering to use Flikr.

Nontheless, the one thing I cant live without is Sync (despite all its qwirks).

The fact I've managed to keep my contacts, bookmarks, and now keychain Sync between 3-4 different Macs, etc is just awesome.

But.. 99euros? Ouch.

Is there any way to homebrew this feature? A remote server of some kind?


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    yeah... if apple depended heavily on .Mac revenue stevie J might pull a steve balmer and say "i'm gonna f**king KILL GOOGLE!!"

    my .mac expires in <30days, and i've almost completed my transition to gmail.

    gmail for mail, it has contacts, and i use it for 'dirty backups', that is, *critical* files under 10mb just get sent to my own gmail address where it is kept labelled as 'backup'.

    offline remote (physical) backup is on cd...

    iSync only used for backing up contacts and a few calendar items to my SE T630.

    other than that i pull onto hard disk FW external my entire home directory, which from 10.4.2 its great, just copy your entire home directory back into it and voila, almost all your stuff, keychains included and contact info etc and tunes and desktop settings and pictures, all as it was.....

    yeah.... lots of options, take the plunge and let go of .mac if you feel you are not getting your money's worth. i would hang on to it but it is about $350 in my local currency. well, i can live without it. plus my .mac account is spammed to death. time to move on, for moi.... .mac, you were great, maybe some other time...
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