AAC files crashing iPod?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
First, the problem isn't necessarily a "crash" but that the iPod does not want to wake up after sleeping after pausing in the middle of a track, not suddenly dying during playback.

I have had trouble in the last few days, I think what the files have in common are AAC files with unusual stuff. One track was a VBR encoded AAC track of a CD I encoded, it was encoded using iTunes 5 on a Mac. The other two were Inside Mac Radio show tracks pulled from their RSS feed, the somewhat unusual thing they do is they tend to have photos change based on the subject.

It is a 20GB 4G mono screen, U2 edition, and it has the latest firmware. It is new, a warranty replacement for one that had a dying hard drive. The old one had wake-up problems but could be reset without docking, and the Apple Store employees had assumed it was dying because the drive was making excessive noise so they replaced it.

Another thing that's bothered me is that it does not wake up or reset unless I dock it, which I didn't have with the previous one.

Has anyone had this problem?
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