problems with external (USB) CD-RW

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
A friend generously gave us an external CDRW for Mrs. McLargehuge's B/W G3 Powermac. The Powermac has USB1.0, which generally means very slow burning, but that isn't really a problem.

She is trying to burn an audioCD out of iTunes (the drive is supported). What happens is that it lingers for a long time, like hours, on "preparing disc" them for even longer on the first song, then it stalls, and freezes the computer/ruins the disc.

Certainly USB CDRW's shouldn't do this... right?

She is running 10.3.9 with 512 megs of RAM.

Also, why is this friggin mortgage page opening everytime I click on anything here today? It's really annoying...


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    Anyone? Come on.... I can't believe no one has answered this.
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    Don't know what to tell you. Had this same problem on 2 iomega CD-RW drives. Finally trashed them and bought an external LaCie drive -- problem fixed!
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