Help! Song unexpectedly ends in iPod, but not in iTunes

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I just ripped a new CD I bought last weekend with iTunes5 on Mac OS X 10.4.2 using 192kbps VBR AAC and loaded it into my 2nd generation iPod. All but one song play fine in both iTunes and the iPod.

The offending file plays fine in iTunes, but unexpectedly stops halfway through the song with a loud zapping sound and then progresses to the next song. This happens no matter if I selected the song manually or let it play as part of a playlist.

I've tried reparing the iPod using Disk Utility. I've even downloaded the iPod Software Updater and flashed it again up to version 1.5, which is the latest for my iPod model to restore to default settings and re-uploaded all my music (~10GB).

Help! What can I do?


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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    Did you try the obvious and rerip the song?
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    Reripping fixed a bunch of songs for me, although in my case I experienced the same problem in both iTunes and the iPod.

    Try re-ripping!
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    Crap. I knew I should mention that I re-ripped the song (using error correction too) but somehow forgot to mention about it while posting the earlier message. But yes, I re-ripped the entire CD and it's still the same song that craps up. Funny thing is that it plays fine in iTunes (first and second rip).
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    I've had similar problems before but in all honesty I've never worked out a resolution, usually because it has been a song I didn't care enough about. No help at all but you aren't the only one for what it's worth.

    In other oddities I've had music that worked on one iPod not work on another. That was weird.
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    Well, I'm glad to know that this is a known problem, but still hope that there is a solution. It's a song I like unfortunately

    The song plays fine on iTunes 5.0.1 (same version) on both my PMG5 and TiBook (same OS). Trying to find another iPod I can test it with now...

    Thanks for your comments.
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    Have you tried re-ripping the offending song at 128kbps? Worth a shot.
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    Ok, I've tested the same file with iTunes5 Windows and on a friend's nano, and all is fine. I will try re-ripping at a different bit rate next.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    This was happening to me with a song by "The Shins" for the longest time. It was a song I got from iTunes music store so I burned it to CD and re-imported the file into iTunes (but kept it as AIFF) and now it plays fine on my iPod.
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    Finally, I re-ripped the song for the third time using 192kbps AAC CBR (previously VBR). And it's all fine and dandy on both iTunes and iPod now. Thanks for the suggestions!
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