how do I sign out of iChat...

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and stay signed out?

I work as a lab assistant in my uni's Mac Lab. Often when there's not a project due the next day, there's not too many people here. I sometimes pass the time with iChat. When I sat down tonight, I opened iChat and changed status to available. I'm online now without needing to input my password or even username. How do I sign out of this when I leave so that no one can sign back on and pretend to be me? I can't seem to find a preference to turn off this auto-login.


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    lupalupa Posts: 202member
    If you are using Tiger:

    (Once you are signed out of your account and have ichat running...)

    1. go to preferences under iChat in the menubar

    2. click on accounts

    3. select your account in the list

    4. under account information there should be a field for your password filled with black dots, delete the black dots

    5. close pref.s and the next time it asks you for your password, Do Not check the box next to "Remember this password in my keychain."

    Happy chatting.

    (don't mean to be insultingly specific, but ya never know, eh?)
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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member

    Originally posted by Lupa

    (don't mean to be insultingly specific, but ya never know, eh?)

    no problem. I was insultingly vague and neglected to mention that we're on Panther and iChat 2.1 here. I made sure that "remember my password" was not checked last time, and again just for fun, but it continues to remember my password anyway.
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    lupalupa Posts: 202member
    haha, no problem, and you're sure the password field under account information is clear? Weird. Unfortunetly, I don't think i can be of much help... you might want to try searching the support forums on apple's website if no one else comes up with something?
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