Some serious issues with my new iBook

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Ok, some weird things are happening with my 4 week old 12" iBook. FWIW I have pretty well all security features on and Filevault IS on. Anyways, today when I went on my computer everytime I opened something like iTunes or Word it acted as if the software was preloaded and I had to install it. I went into my widgets and everything was different and my stickies from application were all erased and it started up as if it was the first time opening the application. On top of that ALL my bookmarks are GONE and it set my homepage to default!!! This is fkin irritating because I had a lot of important bookmarks. I am a PC guy and I tried apple out to get away from all the stability issues and it seems the mac is giving more grief that any computer I have ever owned. WTF?


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    Nobody knows?
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    Sounds like your preferences are all getting hosed, or just not saved in the first place.

    How much disk space do you have left? You said you have FileVault on - if there isn't enough room to decrypt/encrypt the home space appropriately, it can cause problems. Also, if you are *really* low on disk space, VM can eat up a big chunk and cause loss of preferences on app shutdown.

    Also, moving thread to Genius Bar.
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