Attempt to burn disc failed

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Ever since I downloaded itunes 5 (and 5.1.4) I get an error when I try to burn a disc. It worked fine with 4.9 but since the update I havn't been able to. I'm running XP (before you say anything I'm about to get a powermac..)

Anyone else get this error? And if so how do you fix it?


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    Well, I seem to have sort of fixed the problem by myself..

    I somehow found a download for iTunes 4.9 on the internet, and downloaded it. I uninstalled itunes 5 and installed 4, and then swapped the libraries. Then, I just dragged my itunes music folder into itunes so it all updated. Now I can burn CDs.

    I don't know why apple would put a buggy piece of software up for download. Oh well, I like brushed metal anyways.
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