Toast Titanium 6 Problems with VCD's

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I bought Toast Titanium 6 for only one purpose-to make Video CDs with all the MPG clips I have so I can watch them on my DVD Player.

I have the latest upgrade installed.

I attempted to make one yesterday with various MPGs I have downloaded and basically Toast just stayed on encoding one MPG for 2 hours. Obviously it just froze for some reason.

Then today I decided to make a VCD using MPGs from a paysite that I know are high quality.

I ended up getting this error message:

Could not record the disc because there is a problem with the source material

Result Code=18774

This is very frustrating. Has anyone else had any problems with Toast making VCD's?

Is there another software option out there for us Mac users?

iMac G3400 DV with 512Mb RAM running OSX Panther


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    Toast sucks for creating VCDs and DVDs

    It will recompress all of your video, and on a machine as slow as yours it will take a long time. Toast isnt particularly fast at compressing, and without altivec it is even worse. I wouldnt be surprised if it took significantly longer than real time to compress the video. For reference my old Athlon 800 with a good codec couldnt compress mpeg in real time. Expect to wait.

    Im not sure, its been a long time since I tried to burn a VCD, but I think Toast also had problems with resolution. VCDs have very specific resolution requirements, and I think Toast might have trouble resizing the video for you.

    Finally, the quality of the Toast compressed video is just terrible.

    However, there arent many alternatives, and none of the ones that I have tried have been very robust, if you could ever work out how to use them.

    At least Toast will let you get a finished product, even if it is crap.
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    steve666steve666 Posts: 2,600member
    I actually just found something called iDVD.

    I tried the demo and even though it also took a long long time to work it actually did succeed. I was able to get 7 clips on a CD and they played back on my DVD Player.

    Unless theres something else out there it looks like iDVD may be worth the $40. Its cheaper than Toast also.

    I'm going to gave to sell Toast on ebay since it seems to be worthless for me.

    Funny how iDVD didn't have problems with the MPGs when Toast did.
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