.Trashses filling up my SD card...

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I'm a relative Mac newbie here.

I have an SD card I use with my Treo to, amongst other things, save MP3s.

I've noticed that when I take the SD card to my Mac to delete the mp3s (so I can put some new tunes on it) a .Trashes folder is created that is filled with copies of the stuff I just deleted, thereby filling up the SD card. Consequently, the .Trashes folder has to be deleted before I can add more stuff.

Two questions:

[1] Is there a way to keep the .Trashes folder being created on the SD card (since my Treo has no use for it).


[2] How do I delete the .Trashes file from my Mac? (I guess these are "hidden files", cuz they don't show up in Finder when I browse the card. (I've been sticking the card into a Windows computer to delete the folder before putting the SD card back in my Treo).



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    If you EMPTY the Trash before you unmount the card, it will delete the files that were moved into the trash.
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