Podscope. Very Cool.

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I am not associated at all with TVEyes. I have never heard a Podcast. I have never used an iPod. But I think this is very cool. Will put a whole bunch of transcript-writing interns out of work.


"Simply put, it's Google for audio. You type in a search term, and it searches the actual audio of thousands of podcasts, returning a list of results in which it thinks it heard those words. Then it offers to play for you the relevant sound snippets.

The company that developed Podscope, TVEyes, released the free search engine in April, after creating the technology to monitor live TV and radio broadcasts. Company spokesman Ken Lempit says what's actually going on behind the scenes of your search is that voice-recognition software has already converted the audio to text. You're really searching a text file for keywords, but the results then link you back to the original audio recording. Lempit says the technology has been used among other things to help certain government agencies keep tabs on Arabic language broadcasts. But my favorite use: Politicians can (and do) monitor their opponents' recorded utterances."

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