Dying iMac G4 HD?

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i always let my iMac G4 to go to sleep by itself after use,

last night, clinging sounds heard from the HD while i got back to the desk, i tried to wake it up by clicking the mouse, no response.

so i turned it off and back on, the blue screen showing starting OS X appeared after a longer than usual time, but it turned to the blue screen soon afterwards, mouse could be moved, but everything else.

i then boot from the hardware test disk, it said everything is ok. but i still could not boot it up. it freezed at the blue screen

so i booted from my ext HD, and i managed to see the HD of the imac G4 and could backup everything,

afterwards, i did verify/repair the HD and i could boot it up again.

my question is: is the HD dying or what? this imac is 3.5 years old. what can i use to check the HD if it is still ok and what kind of HD (ATA for sure, anything else?)is suitable for replacement ( i am gonna do it myself as i happen to find a service manual for imac G4 with steps by steps for each components)



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    Boot from the CD and run Disk Utility. Three things can happen: 1) verify the SMART status ids failing, 2) repair the errors on the drive, or 3) since you already backed up, I suggest reformatting and reinstalling your OS.

    Serious problems like that can linger and it is safest to reformat and start from scratch.
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    yeah, i will certainly do that.
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