Screen brightness control on iMac 20"

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Need help on screen brightness control. Is there a freeware or shareware add-on that I can use to control the screen brightness. In the daytime is not a problem, but at night the screen is too bright. I know that under the screen control I can reduce the brightness or use F14 and I have used the calibration screen with the brightness turned on full and re-calibrated (saved as iMac Screen2, 3, etc) as dark as I can get it then turn down the brightness, so the screen is even darker, but it's still bright. I use an anti-glare/radiation screen at work, so I am use to the darker screen. Usually, I turn on the over-head light to run interference on the brightness, but sometimes I get eye strain. Looking for solutions.



PS - I actually thought of wearing my sunglasses.
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