Next-gen Motorola RAZR to pack iTunes

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A slightly heftier version of Motorola's top-selling RAZR mobile handset is under development and it includes new features such as Apple's iTunes software, according to multiple reports.

In an online report, posts several photos allegedly taken from an prototype of the phone, dubbed the Motorola RAZR2. The photos appear to be genuine and depict the same device shown briefly to the media by Motorola CEO Ed Zander at this year's MOTONOW conference.

Although the handset appears slightly thicker than the current RAZR V3, it will reportedly pack several new features including stereo music over Bluetooth wireless technology, improved noise canceling, a larger front-size LCD and iTunes with a 100 song limit.

The RAZR2 is also said to sport a Transflash slot, 1.3 Megapixel camera, faster processor, and a pulsating Motorola emblem that glows blue. Additionally, the RAZR2 prototype includes an "airplane mode," which will allow users to listen to iTunes music without the cell phone mechanism having to be fully turned on.

Earlier this month, Motorola said it plans frequent updates to its iTunes-enabled mobile phone offerings. The company's first iTunes phone, dubbed the ROKR, made its debut on Sept. 7th and quickly proved disappointing to both reviewers and users.

"This (the ROKR) is the first phone in a series of phones that we will be launching over the next year," Carson Schmidt, Motorola's general manager of regional operators, recently told Pocket Lint. "You can expect an announcement on a quarterly basis for new phones in the range."

Carson also confirmed that Motorola's iTunes deal with Apple is not exclusive and that other handset makers could follow suit in offering similar iTunes functionality in the near future.

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    iTunes on the Razr is what they shoudld've done in the first place. This is a good move for Apple as it should begin iTunes dominance on the cell phone.
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    Now this I would purchase. I hope they release iTunes on the PEBL as well.
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    This is better, but ....

    I think the form factor should reflect function. What percent of the time do you think people speak on the phone and what percentage do they listen to music. For me I don't spend alot of time doing either, but it would be 70% music, 30% phone. So to me I'd like to see an iPod and clickwheel with a retractable number pad rather than a keypad with a bad clickwheel.

    As others have said, a Nano hotglued to a cheap flipphone would be a better solution and a possibly cheaper solution than the ROKR.
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    I bought both the Nano and the ROCKR. I've posted here about both. Originally, I was going to return the ROCKR, but I've decided to keep it.

    Personally, I don't like the RAZR much at all. It looks sexy, but I actually prefer the utility of the ROCKR form factor.

    It's really all the other issues (as I've posted before) that make the ROCKR suckr. A 1.3 megapixel camera is a good start for improving things. The thought being that if they can't make it better for iTunes, then at least let the rest of the phone be worthwhile.

    But yes, I really want an ***iPhone*** or really an iPod Phone. The emphasis on the iPod, not the phone.

    Hopefully Apple will produce something like this on their own or with Moto. I know they can do the damn thing and charge $$$. I'd much rather pay $500 for an iPhone than $250 for a SUCKR and $250 for a Nano.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,946member
    What is the difference between the RAZR V3 and RAZR 2? V3 is out now according to ads that I see.
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    I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

    Of course, the one thing that would stop me is the software on the motorola phones. I really hope Moto gets smart and figures out that it's not just the casing but the software that matters.
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    Originally posted by JeffDM

    What is the difference between the RAZR V3 and RAZR 2? V3 is out now according to ads that I see.

    From what I can tell:

    RAZR V3:

    - slimmer

    - crappy camera (but who cares? It's a phone)

    - only 5 MB of RAM

    - can be got for free with a new plan, if done through

    RAZR 2:

    - thicker than V3

    - iTunes capability, up to 100 songs

    - better camera

    - more RAM, flash card for expansion

    - will surely be extremely expensive
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    Holding out for the v3x.
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