Quicksilver G4 hardware question

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I will be helping a woman upgrade her old Quicksilver, but I dont have any experience with this particular model. I will be upgrading her cd drive to a combo drive, and adding an additional ata harddrive to her machine. When looking in the Apple pdf manual, it shows three drive positions. Can someone help me with th diference between the three. Also, will i have to remove the front panal to replace the optical drive? She is running OS 9 btw.

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    Anybody? Please?
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    I don't have any experience with that particular model, but looking at the manual, it would suggest that you will have to remove the front panel to replace the optical drive.

    As far as the drive bays go, the manual says that SCSI drives can only go into bays 1 and 2, not 3. Therefore, I'd put the ATA drive into bay 3, leaving 1 and 2 in case a SCSI device needs to be installed later. Having said that, if the future installation of a SCSI device is highly unlikely and installing the drive into bay 1 or 2 is easier than installing into bay 3, just install into bay 1 or 2. In other words, once the machine is open, use your common sense.

    I would recommend that when you are doing the installation, you have a computer that you can access the internet with. That way, if you come across some sort of problem (like how to get the front off, if it isn't obvious), you can google it.

    good luck.
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