Any materials scientists here?!

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Are there any Nano materials scientists reading this thread? I would like to know what the casing on the nano is made of? And is it any different from the other iPods?

I have never thought about scratches on my 2G 20GB iPod, but now I have looked at it. And - wow - it is covered in tiny hair scratches! Which I have never noticed before!

I really dont know if this scratch-story is real or MS-FUD. My nano is to be shipped in a couple of days - maybe I should cancel the order?

Is there anybody here who does NOT have scratches on their nanos??!


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    fngfng Posts: 222member
    I'm going to guess a polycorbonate. Plastics come in different harnesses. None of them are scratch proof. Besides you didn't buy it look perfect. I'm going to buy some of those screen protectors and see how well they do on the iPod Nano. I'm guessing that because the screen is not recessed the protector it will just peal off over time.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    The Nano is starting a new revolution in scratchability. Perhaps it's the fact that it's gloss instead of matte, so scratches are ten times easier to see.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    My Gen1 iPod got horribly scratched within weeks - I was really rather ticked about it, then had the realization that I wasn't exactly blameless, since I hadn't bought a sleeve for it, hadn't really watched what I was doing with it, etc.

    I made a sleeve for about 10cents out of acetate sheeting (think thin clear shower curtain) with an X-acto knife. Took all of about two minutes. Never had a scratch since, and you can't even tell it has a sleeve unless you look closely.
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    telomartelomar Posts: 1,804member
    Apple's stupidest move seems to have been to not have accessories at launch. I wonder how many complaints would have been avoided if people could have just bought the sleeves.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    "iPod DJ. Scratches faster than DJ Shadow"
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    So, I can see you guys are longterm members of this forum. My question is therefore:

    Is this a really big and serious problem for Apple? Or is it a storm in a teacup, like when sony rerelease their ipod-killers every couple of months?!
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    Well, it looks like Apple have answered my question! From, the following:

    "A second complaint has been that the iPod nano screen gets scratched easily.

    Apple moved to scotch such rumours, saying: "A few vocal customers are saying that their iPod nano is more susceptible to scratching than prior iPods. We have received very few calls from customers reporting this problem, and do not believe this is a widespread issue."

    The representative confirmed the company to have received "very few" calls claiming such a problem, adding: "The iPod nano is made with the same high-quality polycarbonate plastic as the fourth-generation iPod." "
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