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I can no longer access to my Hotmail account.

I tried from Safari and Firefox, latest versions, and it does not go beyond the login phase, and then stops. I tried with Explorer 5.2.3 and i get the following message : Javascript required to sign in.

I connected this morning from my windows at work, although this evening it was not possible. Is there something with Hotmail, or is Msoft blocking out Mac usesrs?

Can anyone help me, as i use this box as a secondary mail, and need to answer some messages before i transfer to yahoo!

Thanks in advance,

Baffled (using a titanium 1ghz)


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Just checked mine using Safari and had no problems. I like gmail better than yahoo. Let me know if you want an invite for gmail.

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    mine is in german and I have trouble reading it. I don't no why. My help viewer is in some asian language. i've posted that a couple times no one seems to know.
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