Please Help My Alma Mater Win a Projector Grant from NEC

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I am an alum of William Chrisman High School in Independence, Missouri. A friend of mine who's the video production teacher there sent me information about a grant they are in the running for:

At the beginning of September 2005 William Chrisman submitted a video to win 25 LCD projectors through a grant from NEC. The first step of the contest was the judging that determined the Top 5 video submissions about why their school needed the projectors. Among the 200 entries, William Chrisman made the Top 5.

Now through THIS Friday, September 30, the Top 5 videos will be online for the public to cast votes. I am asking for your votes to help my alma mater win these 25 projectors to improve students' education. You may cast a vote for each valid email address that you have.

On a personal note, as a video producer, I can attest to you that they worked very hard and did an excellent job. My friend really does the best he can in his classes with what's available. I truly believe that their video is the best of the options given, all loyalties aside. The video is interesting, creative, got lots of people involved, and really shows how much Chrisman cares about improving itself.

So please vote for William Chrisman High School as many times as possible at

You all know what a benefit 25 new LCD projectors could be for a public school, whether or not you particularly favor NEC projectors. William Chrisman students, staff, teachers, and I thank you for your time and your vote(s).


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