Backup Solutions

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What are the backup solutions that any of you people use? I'm not really talking about software so much as techniques. I've recently setup the system that all of my stuff gets backed up using the following method:

1) Everything is spanned across disks

2) Files are sorted into appropriately named folders based on content. Videos in a Video folder (stuff like vidcasts in an IPTV folder under 'Video', etc), Music and Podcast folders under an 'Audio' folder and so on.

3) The discs would be searchable using some app similar to Disk Tracker. I haven't looked hard, but if push comes to shove, then I'll write my own in my spare time.

4) If I want a disc with say, all of the SNES ROMS (of SNES carts that I own) even though the SNES ROMS on the backup discs are spanned across multiple Backup disc, I could just create a new disc and copy them all on to it. This way the backup would remain, even if something happens to that disc. The backup discs would only be using to pull data off to store elsewhere, not really on an 'on-demand, play off the disc' basis.

5) New stuff (downloaded flash animations, legal mp3s, or whatever) would end up in a folder that they were sorted into, until it was large enough to burn to another backup disc.

6) Stuff like my Documents folder with resume info, etc would be on a separate backup system so that I don't have to separate new files. This backup system would be for stuff that is accessed not too often, or files that don't change often. (i.e. Recorded TV Shows from a HTPC could be archived this way since they won't be accessed all of the time, and mp3s could be too since they don't 'change', but I would keep them on the hard drive since they are accessed often)

What do others think of this system? Feel free to poke holes in it that I have missed.
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