Secure Pages - On My Site Or Somewhere Affordable?

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My website is hosted by GoDaddy... so I imagine anything I put on there wouldn't be too hard to get to, and I don't need to store credit cards or anything, but I want a way to give online lessons to my students when I go to college, and something like this would work really well.

I have thought about doing a forum through PHPBB, since that's pretty secure, but I want to be able to insert things inline the text, such as all images (For some reason I can't get it to show tiff images), movies of lessons I might make, and sound files that anyone can download. I know what I'll have to do for the sound files, but I was wondering if there was a way to put movies that load and pause inside of the browser.

I don't have a webcam, and my students don't so I'd hate to go get one only to be able to make a one-way conversation.

Any suggestions would be great. Ideally, I'd like to have a way to password protect an HTML page so that I can format it how I am used to, but doing the forum is my second choice. Is there a way to password protect a folder on my site, so that not just anyone can start downloading a file that they found out (somehow) it existed on the password-protected page?

Or are there websites for such things now?


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    You could password protect a directory by using a simple .htaccess file. This is a configuration file that your server can use to overide defaults like custom error messages and password protection.

    I had a quick look for a guide on Google and came up with this link.

    I'd create the file either completely in a Terminal window, or rename the file to .htaccess on the server itself, otherwise OS X will hide it from you.

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