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I am looking for a digital voice recorder, preferably around $100 or less (or maybe more). I made the mistake of purchasing a Sony digital voice recorder, which I couldn't get to work even through Virtual PC (does anyone know how to make a USB device work in Virtual PC?). I very much would like to get a device that records the voice (interview, classroom, etc.), that does not require special software (like the Sony one did), which instead makes a wav or mp3 file automatically and connects with something simple like USB, the audio version of a digital camera, in essense. What does everyone suggest?

I have an iBook G4.

Thank you to anyone who could offer me advice or a place where to start or a better forum to go post in.


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    We have a Sony DAT with the USB adaptor, iMic . We use Toast Spin Doctor to save the audio as .AIFF. Works great with no problems, don't have to use VPC.

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