iMovie: trying to customize pan/zoom (KenBurns) slide by slide: what am I doing wrong

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Here's where I am:

I've imported a bunch of photos into iMovie and they are happily sitting in the Photos Pane.

Here's what I want to do:

Photo-by-photo I want to customize the Ken Burns effect to change the zoom and panning behavior.

Here's what I am doing:

I select the first photo and change the zoom and pan behavior to my liking...then go to the next photo and do the same, and so on and so on...

Here's what's happening:

With each subsequent photo, the previous pan and zoom settings are all changed to be identical to the changes I most recently made (i.e. all my previous changes are "deleted" and now all the photos have the exact same settings).

What am I doing wrong? Thanks a bunch!


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    Sounds like you're not applying the settings to each photo after you've done them. Hit the apply button. The photo with the KB effect you've set will be rendered and appear in the timeline. Do the same for each photo.
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    OMG...I think you are correct. And just when I start thinking I'm really smart, something like this happens...
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    I'm having a rash of new!

    Here's what I have done:

    1. Customized photos in the photo pan one-at-a-time in terms of length and pan/zoom, hitting APPLY after each, landing the clips in the timeline.

    2. I then selected ALL in the timeline and selected a transition (cross fade) to be applied to all.

    3. Now I've gone back to change the pan/zoom and the length on selected slides.

    4. When I change the length of a slide, it recompiles the transitions on either side of it (which I understand) and when it's done, the slide durations of the slides on either side of it have been markedly shortened (like from 4 seconds down to less than 1 second). I'll then get an error message saying the transiton cant be applied to very short clips (which I understand)...

    5. So, I'll then go to one of the recently-shortened clips to lengthen it's duration...and then the process starts over again, with the clip before it getting really short.

    Clearly, I'm missing something here.

    Thanks for your continued help!
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